I spoke with Jens Mikkelsen and Jimmi Lhyne Anderson from LearnSitecore the other week about who I am, Dreamcore and Team Development for Sitecore. What is Team Development for Sitecore and how can it help you? Download: Learn Sitecore Subscribe: iTunes This was my first podcast experience so cu... [More]

As a Sitecore developer who is a fan of leveraging Lucene in my projects I've always been aggravated that, starting with Sitecore 6, I couldn't use Luke to view my indexes. As Jens Mikkelsen points out  this was due to custom compression that Sitecore uses for the Lucene index. To get around t... [More]

Sitecore Media URL

August 5, 2010

Content editors sometimes need the actual URL to a Sitecore media library item. This blog post goes over a simple change you can make to the Sitecore UI to show media library paths. Code is provided.


This is more of a 'note to self' type post, but I am sure some may find it helpful... When you install "Web Forms for Marketers v2" it configures itself to use SQLLite. It provides a sample configuration on how to use SQL server, but it always annoyed me that I had to have a connection string in th... [More]

This post if mainly in response to a question that was asked, and subsequent tweet, during my session at Dreamcore 2010. The shortened version of the question was essentially: How do I debug? The answer I gave was that I "Attach to the W3WP Process." However, I feel that this answer was a little o... [More]

Disclaimer: While some of these guidelines may be applied to other Content Management Systems, or .net web forms in general, this is based on my experience with Sitecore. A common approach of having a CMS based web site implemented usually goes as follows: Company X (aka 'The Client') approaches... [More]

Sitecore's Webforms for Marketers (v2) module is pretty impressive out of the gate. There was an issue, however, with a recent project that had a few different languages. We needed a Droplist in the form that showed a list of items from Sitecore and while the module does this out of the box it has a... [More]

I've recently been doing some work with the Web Forms for Marketers (2.0) module and I must say I was presently surprised! The first version of this module was a rather good first pass, but it typically came up short when we wanted to use it. Version 2 is a big step forward and we are just about to ... [More]

Simple 404 with Sitecore

December 28, 2009

404's in Sitecore can be very simple or extremely complicated with site independent designs and functionality. While a blog post on the later would be a worthwhile blog post, this post will cover a very simple example of how to set the StatusCode of any page in your Sitecore installation. For one o... [More]

Out of the box, Coveo does a pretty good job of crawling your website and providing search capabilities. In this particular installation we aren't using the "Sitecore connector" we are simply letting coveo do its thing walking the site. We encountered an issue where Sitecore media library items, mai... [More]