A common practice in all of my Sitecore sites is to have some sort of content fallback. What this means is that a field's value can come from somewhere other than the field itself, the source item (if it is a clone), or its standard values. Content fallback is an excellent way to increase editor pr... [More]

One of the major pain points when deploying Sitecore based web sites has always been configuration management. Sitecore has thousands of lines of configuration scattered across more than a dozen files.  With Sitecore 6 we were given the ability to use 'patch' or 'include' files that great... [More]

Have you ever had a TreeList field in Sitecore only to see this when editing an item? There is no easy way to tell what is actually selected! Now, sure, you can rename the 1/2/3 items to be more descriptive, but that feels clunky to me. I've seen this a few times in Sitecore solutions we've ... [More]

We, at Hedgehog Development, have been intimately working with Sitecore serialization since it was released with Sitecore 6.0 in 2008. Specifically our interest has been in helping developers bring their Sitecore items into Visual Studio and essentially allow you to treat your Sitecore items as code... [More]

Sitecore Rules Engine and RegEx

September 29, 2011

I was having some fun with the Sitecore ( rules engine over the last couple days. Specifically, I was trying to show content editor warnings as well as control icons for templates based on the name of the item. However the Item name comparison, when using a regular expression, was never... [More]

I have a nice assortment of little scripts that I've written over the years to perform various tasks within Sitecore. Based on this Stack Overflow question I figured I would release one. This script will show, and allow you to reset, the __security field on all items in a subtree. The code wasn't w... [More]

This post is in response to a blog post by Dmitry Vasilinenko (http://vasilinenko.blogspot.com/2011/05/coninuous-integration-for-sitecore.html) that . I posted this up as a comment on Dmitry's blog, but it was quickly taken down for some reason. [More]

You might be interested to hear about a new initiative that Hedgehog Development is undertaking, the Sitecore Users' Virtual Group. This user group is dedicated to supporting the Sitecore community wherever they exist across the globe. We have some great speakers lined up for our first sessions, and... [More]

I have a multi-lingual Sitecore (6.2) site that has been having many issues with item versions showing up in their site myseteriously. The client has over 12 languages in their site and certain items shouldn't be accessible to certain languages. Now, Sitecore says simply don't create a version of th... [More]

This is a topic that I've been meaning to cover for some time now, but it is this post by John West that pushed me to do it sooner rather than later. There are basically two ways of working with Sitecore. Your solution, and code, is fully immersed in the Sitecore web site. Your solution, and co... [More]