I have been (slowly) working on the Web Based FileZilla Administration project. One of the issues that I could predict happening would be the creation of a user/group/setting and then the end user would leave the page without saving their changes. There are many ways to handle this type of issue, bu... [More]

Home Office's

March 29, 2007

OK. So I have been in my house for a few weeks now, but I still don't have my home office setup the way I need it. I really need a hand trying to find a good desk that works well as a normal desk as well as a computer desk with my 2 monitors. The only real restrictions that I have is that: It nee... [More]

Big thanks to Jeff Atwood for bringing this up! Being an ex-Internet Explorer user I have IE shortcuts etched into my brain. Unfortunately, FireFox didn't bring my favorite one with it. The functionality of the F4 key.  In order to get to the Address bar in IE (without the mouse) you can ... [More]

ASP.NET Gravatar Control

March 13, 2007

Gravatar 2.0 has been out for a few weeks now and I didn't see any ASP.NET implementation listed on their site so I figured I would wip one up. It is pretty simple to implement a Gravatar. All you need to do is set the src attribute of an img tag to a location on Gravatar's domain. The src att... [More]

One of my web servers had been having all sorts of problems over the last few months. It turned out to be the RAID controller, but that is another post. Because of the problems we were having I wanted a simple way to get a notification of when the site we were hosting went down. I didn't want a... [More]

I'm In.

March 6, 2007

In my last post I mentioned that I am moving into my new house. I am living amongst boxes right now, but I am in. No new pics yet, but I will take some when we are settled. Right now we are getting furniture delivered and unpacking slowly. My desk, that I used in my old co-op, will not fit in ... [More]