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March 29, 2007

OK. So I have been in my house for a few weeks now, but I still don't have my home office setup the way I need it. I really need a hand trying to find a good desk that works well as a normal desk as well as a computer desk with my 2 monitors. The only real restrictions that I have is that:

  1. It needs to be at most 71" wide x 27" deep.
  2. I hate keyboard trays that look like center drawers! I am over 6'6" and my legs need all the room I can get.
  3. I would prefer a dark cherry wood

If all ten of [:P] my readers have a sweet setup at home, please send me links and pics!


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Dave Burke

I need to assemble a few home office pics.  I have 4 desktops but not a conventional desk among them.  I use two former kitchen counters for desks.  My handyman guy attached one of them to a wall, so there's minimal underneath support required.  Go unconventional as much as possible is my advice!

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