This is more of a 'note to self' type post, but I am sure some may find it helpful... When you install "Web Forms for Marketers v2" it configures itself to use SQLLite. It provides a sample configuration on how to use SQL server, but it always annoyed me that I had to have a connection string in th... [More]

Sitecore's Webforms for Marketers (v2) module is pretty impressive out of the gate. There was an issue, however, with a recent project that had a few different languages. We needed a Droplist in the form that showed a list of items from Sitecore and while the module does this out of the box it has a... [More]

I've recently been doing some work with the Web Forms for Marketers (2.0) module and I must say I was presently surprised! The first version of this module was a rather good first pass, but it typically came up short when we wanted to use it. Version 2 is a big step forward and we are just about to ... [More]