Sitecore Diagrams Part 2

十一月 7, 2008

We have been doing some pretty fun work with Sitecore 6 here at Hedgehog Development... I started doing some work with Sitecore Template Diagrams a while back and I got to talking with some colleagues and we decided to take this to another level. While I can't get into the specifics (just yet) about... [更多...]

With Sitecore templates, unlike C#, you are allowed to inherit from multiple bases. This allows Sitecore developers to be extremely flexible in their implementations, but as with most applications, flexibility adds complexity. My current Sitecore project has hundreds of templates, inheriting from up... [更多...]

July 2007

This is more of a note to self post... I was creating a Sitecore (5.3.1) XSL rendering and I was looping over items. I noticed, however, that when one of those items is no longer published it was still looping through it! What you need to do it change your if statement from:<xsl:if test="$itm_id... [More]