What is in a name?

December 18, 2006

What is in a name?

Did you ever look back and think, "why did I ever start using that name?" Case in point. CarKnee. Why have I stuck with it for so long?

First, what does it mean. That is easy. Sean Kearney is my name, but years of teachers/professors/co-workers/etc... mispronouncing it led me to come up with this sort of phonetic spelling of my last name. My last name is pronounced [kahr-nee], not [kur-nee] or [keer-nee], and I think CarKnee gets the point across. While the pronunciation of my last name is debatable, my line of the Kearney lineage has stuck with [kahr-nee].

So what is the big deal? You liked it 6 years ago, why not now? I guess I simply outgrew the name. When I put on my resume "CarKnee Consulting" I just don't like it. If you Google my name, Sean Kearney. I am nowhere to be found. I would like to be found by my name, not my online alias.

CarKnee is here to stay, but I think I need to merge my online name and real name as one.

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