Job Titles Come and Go

January 29, 2007

I'll keep with a trend this morning since my last post was about job finding sites, I will just point to a good article about the Webmaster job title. The blog post is a must read for anyone who has been in the web development area for the better half of a decade!

I started as a Web Developer back in 2000 immediately following my graduation from Polytechnic University with a degree in computer science. I did some web sites on the side throughout college and I thought it was fun so that was the direction I went. A year or so later I was "promoted" to Webmaster and the title change was not a wanted one. I never liked the term Webmaster and I am glad to see it go!

I would have to agree with the author that the Webmaster title is just no longer needed; technology moved on in the world of the Web. Back in the day the webmaster would design the site, create content for the site, code the site, upload the site, etc... nowadays we have designers doing the layout, people doing the CSS, developers writing the CMS, and everyone maintaining content. 

I agree we should retire any existing Webmaster titles and move them to more meaningful, and descriptive, titles.

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