Drivers on a Floppy?

January 15, 2007

A little rant here...

I purchased a Zonet GigE NIC (ZEN3301E) card a couple months back and finally got around to installing it. Installing a NIC shouldn't be too difficult, right? I threw it in, powered up the PC (actually, my backup web server) and let Windows (Server 2000) configure it. Windows didn't have the driver for it, but the NIC came with a floppy disk with the drivers.

Side Note:  I am not a big fan of floppies. In fact, I can't remember the last time I used one successfully! It seems that every floppy I get is busted, or all of my floppy drives are busted.

Well, my backup web server doesn't have a floppy drive installed on it. (It doesn't even have a CD-ROM drive in it.) Off to Zonet's web site to download their latest drivers. Guess what. No drivers listed. (They have since posted them). Now, being a person who has built many PC's for people I knew that chipset manufacturer's drivers typically work. I looked at the chip on the NIC and downloaded their driver and it works no problem.

If you are a manufacturer, try to post your drivers before you start releasing your products to major manufacturers!

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