About Me

I am, and have been, a web developer since June 2000. That was an exciting time for Computer Science students about to graduate; the dot-com boom was in full swing and us 20-somethings didn't want to see the future. I digress. I graduated from Polytechnic University with my BS in computer science in June 2000 and started my career as a web developer working for Data Device Corporation (DDC). While at DDC I was tasked mainly to create a content management system (CMS) for their public facing web site as well as a custom Intranet portal. It was during this time that I was able to forget most of what I learned in college about object oriented programming while I was doing VBScript programming scripting. However, once .NET started gaining momentum (version 1.1) I jumped on board and started having flash backs about polymorphism.

Jump forward to 2005. I bought my first "home" (actually a co-op) with my fiance, got my Masters of Science in Management from Poly, and got married in that order. Somewhere in there I also did a stint at Internet Commerce Corp to help them with their attempt to create add-ins for Microsoft's Small Business Accounting package; the project was scrapped and I moved on.

In July 2007 I moved to a small, start-up, consulting company called Hedgehog Development. It is here that I have had the most diverse, challenging, and fun projects in my career. I am primarily working with the Sitecore CMS product on large web sites (3+ million unique visitors a month), but I also do SharePoint, Silverlight, Community Server and standard .NET development.

As mentioned, I got married in 2005 to an awesome girl that I met at the beach through an old surfing buddy. Since then we have traveled to many countries and made many great memories. In 2007 we decided to settle down a bit by buying a house and getting a dog. In July 2008 we had a baby boy named Gavin and in March 2011 we had triplet girls named Ashley, Brianna, and Caitlin.

In my spare time, which is hard to come by these days, I work on various side projects. Over the years I have started many web sites for myself or family, many of which are long gone (the sites, not family), but a few remain. When I am not working I have a few hobbies. I mainly enjoy biking, surfing, and skiing (water and snow).