I had a fun Friday. I woke up at my usual time (6am) and dove into my usual routine. While the wife is in the shower I jumped on the computer and my browsers default home page (www.carknee.com) wasn't coming up. humm. Checked a different site on the same server (www.rswarrior.com) and that wasn't re... [More]

One of my web servers had been having all sorts of problems over the last few months. It turned out to be the RAID controller, but that is another post. Because of the problems we were having I wanted a simple way to get a notification of when the site we were hosting went down. I didn't want a... [More]

Defrag your server

January 17, 2007

It seems that my fancy dancy server needs to run defrag every couple days. The site is running a well visited site (and some other not so visited sites) and is creating 300MB Log Files from IIS, as well as user uploaded files, etc... All of this is really fragmenting my nice and speedy data drive (a... [More]

Drivers on a Floppy?

January 15, 2007

A little rant here... I purchased a Zonet GigE NIC (ZEN3301E) card a couple months back and finally got around to installing it. Installing a NIC shouldn't be too difficult, right? I threw it in, powered up the PC (actually, my backup web server) and let Windows (Server 2000) configure it. Win... [More]

Server Configuration: FTP

December 19, 2006

In the spirit of trying to keep writing, I figured I would write about by new found love of FTP. Well that is a bit of an exaggeration, but on my previous box I used the FTP service built into IIS 5. What a nightmare! Don't get me wrong, the service worked fine and it was stable. The problem ca... [More]

I have been running my own web server for a few years now and like everyone who does this I have my own ways to do things. One of the things I wanted to revisit, before setting the new machine out into the wild, was my typical directory structure. While this may seem like a trivial concept to many, ... [More]

New Server

December 18, 2006

In my first post, all of an hour ago, I mentioned that a new server was one of the reasons I renewed my interest in blogging. Just to give you an idea of what I was running:It was a "homemade" computer:CPU: Celeron (2GHz maybe?)RAM: Started at 512MB and was upgraded to 2GB (motherboard max)Drives: 2... [More]