This past weekend, my wife and I took a trip out to New Jersey to go to an AKC dog show and meet with a dog breeder. While, for some, this may not be an event worthy of a blog post, for me however, it is a jaw dropper! My family is one big group (3 siblings) of non animal lovers. For me to g... [More]

Home Office's

March 29, 2007

OK. So I have been in my house for a few weeks now, but I still don't have my home office setup the way I need it. I really need a hand trying to find a good desk that works well as a normal desk as well as a computer desk with my 2 monitors. The only real restrictions that I have is that: It nee... [More]

Big thanks to Jeff Atwood for bringing this up! Being an ex-Internet Explorer user I have IE shortcuts etched into my brain. Unfortunately, FireFox didn't bring my favorite one with it. The functionality of the F4 key.  In order to get to the Address bar in IE (without the mouse) you can ... [More]

I'm In.

March 6, 2007

In my last post I mentioned that I am moving into my new house. I am living amongst boxes right now, but I am in. No new pics yet, but I will take some when we are settled. Right now we are getting furniture delivered and unpacking slowly. My desk, that I used in my old co-op, will not fit in ... [More]

It is coming to a head now.

February 21, 2007

My wife and I purchased a house in mid-December. The house needed a lot more work than we originally had expected, but we are winding down and moving in this weekend!The house is a 1950's 3 bedroom 1 bath ranch with a basement and 1.5 car garage. The house is rather small on a small lot (1/4 acre), ... [More]

Job Titles Come and Go

January 29, 2007

I'll keep with a trend this morning since my last post was about job finding sites, I will just point to a good article about the Webmaster job title. The blog post is a must read for anyone who has been in the web development area for the better half of a decade! I started as a Web Developer ... [More]

DVR Rant

January 10, 2007

  I just want to rant a little about Cablevision's IO HD DVR. The thing sucks! Sure, DVR's are great; when they work! I have been really busy every night working on the house and last night I quit early and wanted to catch up on last Thursday's episodes of "My Name is Earl" and "The Office". G... [More]

What is in a name?

December 18, 2006

What is in a name? Did you ever look back and think, "why did I ever start using that name?" Case in point. CarKnee. Why have I stuck with it for so long? First, what does it mean. That is easy. Sean Kearney is my name, but years of teachers/professors/co-workers/etc... mispronouncing it led me t... [More]