Jeff Atwood posted up a C# implementation of Identicons the other day. While I do not see them being all that useful, they are pretty neat. I whipped up a little [csl] Add-on that can display an Identicon. The code is more or less right from Jeff; I modified image caching to use [cs] cach... [More]

A couple of members on the Community Server forums wanted a way to block new members based on known SPAM domains. This sounded like a great idea for a CSModule. I looked at the list of events and saw that there is an event fired off before and after a user is created! Great! The PostUserUpdate ... [More]

I am posting this just as a teaser, and to force myself to keep to my word... I have other CS Add-Ons that I will try to release when I get time to package them up. I wrote a few good ones about 6 months ago and have yet to release them. My favorite of the bunch is a "Site Supporter Add-On!" The Si... [More]

  "Rocket City Web" of the Community Server forums asked if it is possible to limit top posting members to a certain forum. At first, I had though the member points system would be perfect for this. However, Member Points is an add-on and not available for the "Personal Edition" of C... [More]