Dan Galvez and I had come up with an idea for a, sort of, Twitter based Sitecore Scrum. In essence, people would post on Twitter what they are doing today with the hashtag #SitecoreScrum. Interestingly, another Sitecore developer (Mike Reynolds) started this exact same thing the very next day with t... [More]

You might be interested to hear about a new initiative that Hedgehog Development is undertaking, the Sitecore Users' Virtual Group. This user group is dedicated to supporting the Sitecore community wherever they exist across the globe. We have some great speakers lined up for our first sessions, and... [More]

I spoke with Jens Mikkelsen and Jimmi Lhyne Anderson from LearnSitecore the other week about who I am, Dreamcore and Team Development for Sitecore. What is Team Development for Sitecore and how can it help you? Download: Learn Sitecore Subscribe: iTunes This was my first podcast experience so cu... [More]