Where do I start? This story has been told many times before and I don't claim to be the first to bitch about it. I have been following Community Server since before day 1. I was a user of nGallery and .Text before Telligent was established. Both great apps and both free; no if ands or butt... [More]

Snap no more!

January 26, 2007

Apparently I am not the only one to think that "Snap" is one of the most annoying trends in the web/blog-sphere these days! When I mouse over a link I almost always am doing it to either 1) click on it or 2) see where it is pointing to in the status bar. When that window pops up it always grabs my a... [More]

Drivers on a Floppy?

January 15, 2007

A little rant here... I purchased a Zonet GigE NIC (ZEN3301E) card a couple months back and finally got around to installing it. Installing a NIC shouldn't be too difficult, right? I threw it in, powered up the PC (actually, my backup web server) and let Windows (Server 2000) configure it. Win... [More]

DVR Rant

January 10, 2007

  I just want to rant a little about Cablevision's IO HD DVR. The thing sucks! Sure, DVR's are great; when they work! I have been really busy every night working on the house and last night I quit early and wanted to catch up on last Thursday's episodes of "My Name is Earl" and "The Office". G... [More]