One of the major pain points when deploying Sitecore based web sites has always been configuration management. Sitecore has thousands of lines of configuration scattered across more than a dozen files.  With Sitecore 6 we were given the ability to use 'patch' or 'include' files that great... [More]

Server Configuration: FTP

December 19, 2006

In the spirit of trying to keep writing, I figured I would write about by new found love of FTP. Well that is a bit of an exaggeration, but on my previous box I used the FTP service built into IIS 5. What a nightmare! Don't get me wrong, the service worked fine and it was stable. The problem ca... [More]

I have been running my own web server for a few years now and like everyone who does this I have my own ways to do things. One of the things I wanted to revisit, before setting the new machine out into the wild, was my typical directory structure. While this may seem like a trivial concept to many, ... [More]