Moving On

May 30, 2007

It is time for me to move on from my current employer. I have been with this company since 2000 (with a brief stint elsewhere) and it is really time to go. As is the case with most developers, if you don't learn new things on a daily basis your job can get pretty boring. I tried to keep myself going... [More]

With [csl], when a registered user makes a blog comment it is very common to show their avatar next to their comment. If the person making the comment is not a registered user, then typically the "anonymous avatar" would be shown. I had gone and implemented an Identicon control for anonymous co... [More]

I was working a new control for the [bundle] and was in need of a condition control within [csl] that didn't appear to exist. What I needed was a condition control that checked against a WeblogPost's ExtendedAttributes. What I came up with was the "PostExtendedAttributeComparison." I use this ... [More]

I am working on a control for [csl] where I need to capture the email address of the person making a comment. However, I don't need to store the email address if the person is already a registered member of the site since this information is stored already. What I did was utilize the CustomAction&nb... [More]

  Now that [csl] 2007 has been out for a while I figured it was time to update the [bundle]! The Jobs have become Tasks, the Identicon control now has implicit databinding and the CSModules have some little upgrades ;p The new version is now 3.0 to keep in step with the official version of CS2... [More]

This site was upgraded to [cs] 2007 in all of about 10 minutes! The CS team made it real easy to upgrade with the new config file overrides! Nice job. I will be upgrading and testing the [bundle] to work with CS 2007 and publish it asap!    

  This past weekend, my wife and I took a trip out to New Jersey to go to an AKC dog show and meet with a dog breeder. While, for some, this may not be an event worthy of a blog post, for me however, it is a jaw dropper! My family is one big group (3 siblings) of non animal lovers. For me to g... [More]

A few members, myself included, are looking for some sort of "content manager" capability with the blog system of [cs]. By "Content Manager" I am meaning that I do not want the individual people to actually make the posts. Rather, I would like to have a "manager" that will publish the post on t... [More]

I have been (slowly) working on the Web Based FileZilla Administration project. One of the issues that I could predict happening would be the creation of a user/group/setting and then the end user would leave the page without saving their changes. There are many ways to handle this type of issue, bu... [More]

Home Office's

March 29, 2007

OK. So I have been in my house for a few weeks now, but I still don't have my home office setup the way I need it. I really need a hand trying to find a good desk that works well as a normal desk as well as a computer desk with my 2 monitors. The only real restrictions that I have is that: It nee... [More]