Have you ever had a TreeList field in Sitecore only to see this when editing an item?

There is no easy way to tell what is actually selected! Now, sure, you can rename the 1/2/3 items to be more descriptive, but that feels clunky to me. I've seen this a few times in Sitecore solutions we've inherited as well as ones we've created and I felt it was time to resolve this. I feel that a much better way to render a Tree List field would be this:

There are only three things required to make this happen.

  1. Add an item into the core database to define the new field type
  2. Code for the field type
  3. A config file to wire it all up

You can grab the source code and standard Sitecore package here or on GitHub.

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Mark Ursino

This is very cool. You should consider releasing it to shared source. As small as it is, it would be useful.


Mark, it is something I thought about. I was not sure a single class warrants an entire project though. The entire source is provided in the link.

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