I am posting this just as a teaser, and to force myself to keep to my word... I have other CS Add-Ons that I will try to release when I get time to package them up. I wrote a few good ones about 6 months ago and have yet to release them. My favorite of the bunch is a "Site Supporter Add-On!"

The Site Supporter add-on will allow donations to be made to you and you will then assign that person to a Role. The Add-On is extensible so you are not limited to PayPal either. It is along the lines of Sean Winstead's Subscriber Add-On.

The main driver for me to write these add-ons is that I have been evaluating the migration of www.rswarrior.com from Snitz over to Community Server. RSWarrior is pretty heavily modified and I would need at least some of the core features in order to move over to Community Server. A big part of RSWarrior is the "Site Supporter" status that members can have. I needed to duplicate that feature and the answer was my "Site Supporter Add-On."

Some other Add-ons I have written for the new (pending) RSWarrior.com is a Links manager and Photo Gallery extender.

Stay tuned ;)

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