Where do I start? This story has been told many times before and I don't claim to be the first to bitch about it.

I have been following Community Server since before day 1. I was a user of nGallery and .Text before Telligent was established. Both great apps and both free; no if ands or butts. Telligent comes along and says we are going to integrate these products and make the world a better place. That is a bit of a stretch, but you get the gist.

I always felt that Telligent would "do the right thing" and keep costs reasonable and the program within appropriate restrictions of functionality. As of 2/9/07 it looks like I was wrong.

Just a brief history of the licensing of CS... CS 1.1 states simply this:
"... Include the eula.gif on any displayed web pages which must link back to [the site]..."
With CS 2.0 the license has gotten way more complicated and restrictive.

I have a reasonably large site. 10,000 members with more than 500,000 posts in the forums. I have been wanting to migrate that site to [cs] since version 1.0. Each time I get ready to go live with the migration, CS is announcing a new release. With the new release I decide to wait for it before I migrate. The same has been holding true with the 2.1 to 2007 release. I have mods/add-on/modules/jobs all written up for CS 2.1, but with 2007 only a month or so away I decide to wait. This is a typical circle with any gadget or tech related upgrade; better is always around the corner. This time, however, the price of technology isn't getting cheaper.

Now, with the launch of 2007 right around the corner, Telligent says the standard commercial license is only valid for 25 forums (10 blogs, 10 photo galleries, etc...) 25 forums? What self respecting community site has less than 25 forums? So, my site, that has no stable source of income is required to purchase a $2,000 license! Please.

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