Now that [csl] 2007 has been out for a while I figured it was time to update the [bundle]! The Jobs have become Tasks, the Identicon control now has implicit databinding and the CSModules have some little upgrades ;p The new version is now 3.0 to keep in step with the official version of CS2007 [3.0]

Some new features worth noting are:

1. The BlogRssSignature CSModule now supports the use of a “global” signature as well as the previously available per-blog basis signatures. This will allow the main site to also tag their blogs content. For instance, say Billy Bob is a blogger on and has added his own signature via the Control Panel to say “Written by Billy Bob.” Now, the Administrator of can set the master signature (in the communityserver.config file) to say “Copyright ACME.”

2. The Identicon Control can now bind to the containing Chameleon control. You would typically want to use the Identicon handler in a “Feedback List” (WeblogFeedbackList, GalleryPostFeedbackList, or EntryCommentList) to be used in place of an anonymous avatar. For example, edit your /themes/blogs/[default]/post.aspx where you would normally have the commenters avatar and change it to this: (This is how this site operates... make a comment to see your Identicon)


<CSControl:ConditionalContent runat="server">
<CSControl:UserPropertyComparison ComparisonProperty1="HasAvatar" Operator="IsSetOrTrue" runat="server" />
<CSControl:UserAvatar runat="server" BorderWidth="1" />&nbsp;
<SK:Identicon runat="server" width="80" BorderWidth="1" Text="identicon" />

Remember to register the tag as follows:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="SK" Namespace="CarKnee.CS.Bundle.Controls" Assembly="CarKnee.CS.Bundle" %>

You can also override the implicit binding and manually specify an IP to use as follows:

<SK:Identicon runat="server" width="80" IP="" BorderWidth="1" /> 

Finally, you have the option to use the IP address of the person viewing the page as follows:

<SK:Identicon runat="server" width="80" UseAccessingIP="true" BorderWidth="1" /> 

3. The flash MP3Player used in the module has been upgraded from 2.1 to 3.7! With this upgrade I have passed down a lot more flexibility to the site owner and blog poster! You can now specify default values in the communityserver.config file and the blog poster can manually specify width and height in their post! To embed an MP3 player you can add it using the content part notation as follows:
[ mp3 width=300 height=78]/some/path/file.mp3[/mp3 ]

Feel free to download the updated [bundle] and let me know what you think!

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How about modifying the mp3 player tag so that it also plays video - flv files?

The capability is built into the player itself...

Sean Kearney

I believe it will play flv files even though you use the [mp3] tags, but I haven't tried.


It would be cool if we could set the FlashVars somehow, not to mention the height & width

Sean Kearney

JRedekop, did you download and read the documentation in the zip file? All of this was accounted for (sort of)! The flash vars can be set, but they are set site wide in the communityserver.config file. You can set the width/height on a per post basis though.

Joe Fragapane

How about incorporating that new feature where it tells you to email someone back after they mail you.

Artie Bone

Sean I may have some work for you, you can find me at the Streetcar Thursday nights. Im usually down their with Emil and Fudge. Nikki Moningello bartends there so we can talk business over a few drinks


Angela Moningello

Hey Sean, I know my sister will mention it to you but if you get the chance, I would really appreciate if you showed me some of the ropes of teching. I think I can be a valuable asset to the floor. Chris Hoffman was showing me how to unjam the coin slots in the air hockey but it was during Dan Polis' shift and he got angry and took Chris off the floor and Ed was in the office with Shannon and then Terry the party office manager was made because the oven was broken and I had to use Dave Sauerers car to pick up the pizzas for the parties and Fudges' girlfriend the party host told Elisa in the snack bar that I was never going to be a tech and Eric Glaser said that wasn't true because Anthony Greene promised him a raise as soon as Billy Osullvian got a job with the Yankees but Brian and Artie couldn't decide who was going to be lazertron supervisor so it might just never happen.


Haha - whoops.  Somehow I was using v1.3 of your bundle. Everything works quite well in the latest version.  Good work!

I have one request, though - and it's probably unrealistic.  Change [mp3] to something else? [media]..?

Since the flash player does much more than just mp3...



The javascript was exposed while browsing my posts by tags..

And the javascript text was exposed - not executed as script

var so = new SWFObject('/Utility/MP3/mp3player.swf','player','320','240','7'); so.addVariable...

Did I miss something?


Any chance we can set additional variables in the blog post?   I need to set the displayheight variable for use in multi-chapter videos.

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