January 9, 2007

I skimmed the Steve Jobs Keynote from Engadget and I must say... that iPhone does look nice! lol. I love gadgets. What computer programmer doesn't? The only thing is that I spent $400 on a phone (Nokia 8860)  back in 2000 and I swore I would never shell out hundreds of dollars for a phone agai... [More]

The first step in administering the users of FileZilla FTP Server with an ASP.NET front end is to get the XML Schema for the config file. The config file, FileZilla Server.xml, is located in the default FileZilla FTP Server installation directory. Before we create an object representing this xml do... [More]

All web developers and designers should know by now that you should not use the traditional <object><embed>... method for placing Flash content on your site. Macromedia (Adobe) recommends using javascript to load the Flash content and it works just fine. However, if you are a .NET progra... [More]

Keyvan Nayyeri wrote up an article (and HttpModule) on how he handles removing the www from the URI when people visit his site. I wrote something similar to this a while back for a site I develop. This particular company has about 10 domain names that all point to the companies main web site. Back i... [More]

With (almost) all of my FTP servers now running FileZilla I need a way to maintain users with an easy web based tool. To be more specific, I don't need it, but I delegate the management of FTP users to someone else who does not have remote access to the server, therefore I need it for them. Th... [More]

Google Maps with Waypoints

December 19, 2006

Finally! Google has finally added the feature of adding waypoints into its mapping product! // // This is a feature that I have been wanting for a long time now! I remember back when Map24 came out and it had waypoints built it and it was impressive. Map24 has since fell off my bookmarks si... [More]

Server Configuration: FTP

December 19, 2006

In the spirit of trying to keep writing, I figured I would write about by new found love of FTP. Well that is a bit of an exaggeration, but on my previous box I used the FTP service built into IIS 5. What a nightmare! Don't get me wrong, the service worked fine and it was stable. The problem ca... [More]

I have been running my own web server for a few years now and like everyone who does this I have my own ways to do things. One of the things I wanted to revisit, before setting the new machine out into the wild, was my typical directory structure. While this may seem like a trivial concept to many, ... [More]

What is in a name?

December 18, 2006

What is in a name? Did you ever look back and think, "why did I ever start using that name?" Case in point. CarKnee. Why have I stuck with it for so long? First, what does it mean. That is easy. Sean Kearney is my name, but years of teachers/professors/co-workers/etc... mispronouncing it led me t... [More]

New Server

December 18, 2006

In my first post, all of an hour ago, I mentioned that a new server was one of the reasons I renewed my interest in blogging. Just to give you an idea of what I was running:It was a "homemade" computer:CPU: Celeron (2GHz maybe?)RAM: Started at 512MB and was upgraded to 2GB (motherboard max)Drives: 2... [More]