I've recently been doing some work with the Web Forms for Marketers (2.0) module and I must say I was presently surprised! The first version of this module was a rather good first pass, but it typically came up short when we wanted to use it. Version 2 is a big step forward and we are just about to ... [More]

Simple 404 with Sitecore

December 28, 2009

404's in Sitecore can be very simple or extremely complicated with site independent designs and functionality. While a blog post on the later would be a worthwhile blog post, this post will cover a very simple example of how to set the StatusCode of any page in your Sitecore installation. For one o... [More]

In my last post I wrote what I planned on building for my home developer rig. A few changes were made. * I went with an extra hard drive and I will run RAID 0. * I measured the compartment in my desk where I planned on putting my case and lo and behold it was too small for the Antec case I Picked... [More]

New Home PC / Developer Rig

August 14, 2009

In honor of Windows 7, and my increasing frustration with my 4 year old DELL computer, I figured I would pony up and build myself a nice developer rig. Even though it is my home computer my typical usage is work related; Visual Studio(s), SQL Server, IIS, Virtual Machines, etc... My wife's typical u... [More]

I’ve been working peripherally with Coveo for the past couple years now. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve actually needed to start diving into the “API” to try and harvest the data. This, however, proved to be more difficult than one would expect from a Search pr... [More]

Out of the box, Coveo does a pretty good job of crawling your website and providing search capabilities. In this particular installation we aren't using the "Sitecore connector" we are simply letting coveo do its thing walking the site. We encountered an issue where Sitecore media library items, mai... [More]

The FieldRenderer Control (Sitecore.Web.UI.WebControls.FieldRenderer) has a method called OverrideFieldValue that takes a string and is supposed to be shown instead of the real fields value, but it doesn't work. It seems a fix would be to add in a new pipline that accounts for this preset value. H... [More]

Editors, Sitecore, and SEO

December 12, 2008

Editors (and some sysadmins) that have been around IIS web sites for a few years seem to have a little trouble grasping what Sitecore can do for them. More specifically, they have trouble grasping what it is they don't need to do anymore!In the purest sense, file based web sites running on IIS serve... [More]

Moved Domain Name

December 1, 2008

Almost two years after I thought about phasing out my online moniker I have done it. I have officially moved the carknee.com domain to seankearney.com. Redirects are in place and there shouldn't be any noticable change for the few people that read this site. The Feedburner feed is unchanged and will... [More]

Photo Management and Backup

November 24, 2008

This is a follow up post to "Photo Management" on how I am starting to organize my digital images. After looking around at some of my options (Picasa, Adobe products, buying an iMac, …) I have decided to take the cheap way out. Here is my current workflow, which is a work in progress. I ... [More]