In the Sitecore Slack Team's #TDS channel there was a Team Development for Sitecore feature request from Robbert Hock. It was: On the Deployment Property Manager, being able to export the settings to Excel (so I can send someone a report of all the stuff that gets depoyed [sic] once, which items ar... [More]

This is a call to action for Sitecore to start hosting a NuGet feed of all common Sitecore assemblies. However, lets take a look at how the Sitecore development process has changed over the years. Historically, Sitecore told developers to work in the 'web root'. This meant that you had direct acces... [More]

A very common feature request we get for Team Development for Sitecore at Hedgehog is that people want code generation to create a file per Sitecore template in their project. Currently, when TDS code generation runs it will create a single file with all of the code inside of it. Using partial class... [More]

TDS And Duplicate Items

April 18, 2013

From time to time we get feature requests for Team Development for Sitecore to support multiple sub-items with the same name as shown below. - sitecore - content - home - article-1 - article-1 - article-2 This topic has been discussed internally... [More]

Dan Galvez and I had come up with an idea for a, sort of, Twitter based Sitecore Scrum. In essence, people would post on Twitter what they are doing today with the hashtag #SitecoreScrum. Interestingly, another Sitecore developer (Mike Reynolds) started this exact same thing the very next day with t... [More]

When using Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) you may need to tell your source control system how to handle certain files. This post is mainly targeted to folks using Git as their source control system, but it could be a general guideline for people using any source control system that isn't i... [More]

Disclaimer: This post was in a draft state for many, many, months. It was started and subsequently turned into my Sitecore Symposium 2012 talk. Now that SitecoreSym is over I am making this post and the associated code available. We have started to see a rise in requests to create "single page appl... [More]

Did you know that you can access special properties of a Sitecore item the same way you get a typical field's value?  Supported 'special fields' are: @id = Item.ID.ToString() @key = Item.Key @lang = Item.Language.ToString() @mid = Item.BranchID.ToString() @name = Item.Name @tid = Item.... [More]

Field [More]

There are many ways to get the value of a Sitecore field and each is slightly different. string fieldName = "__Icon"; Sitecore.Data.Items.Item someItem = Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem("/sitecore/content"); Sitecore.Data.Fields.Field someField = someItem.Fields[fieldName]; // you could use fie... [More]